Lost Ark classes: which is best for you?

Lost Ark classes are as numerous as they are diverse. With 15 to choose from, which one do you pick?

Lost Ark, the new title from Smilegate and Amazon Game Studios, is the biggest game on the internet at the moment. Since its release on December 4th 2021, it has become the 2nd best performing game on Steam hitting 1.32 million peak concurrent users; which refers to the number of people playing the game simultaneously.

This makes the game bigger that Counter Strike Global Offensive and DOTA 2 which had a peak concurrent of 1.31 million and 1.29 respectively, according to SteamDB.

An in game instance where players run into one of the many monsters that can be encountered
Image: Lost Ark / Amazon Game Studios

The beautifully massively multiplayer online action role-playing game (MMO Action RPG) is currently free to play and, at the time of writing this article, is the highest viewed game on Twitch at 437k viewers, beating the ‘Just Chatting’ category sitting at 242k viewers.

Before you rush to jump into the game that your friends have been hassling you about, you need to decide on what sort of character you’re going to be playing as. We’ve got you covered! Before we go over the different Lost Ark classes, it should be noted that due to the games incredible attention to class balancing, every class is viable to be played late game. With this in mind, we suggest that you read the following and pick the class that genuinely sounds the most fun to you.

When you start the game, there are five different starter classes to pick from that develop into 15 final classes as your progress and level. The starter Lost Ark classes available are Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage, and Assassin which will allow you to experience the basics for each class type before specialising.

Warrior starter class explores new world within Lost Ark
Image: Lost Ark / Amazon Game Studios

Warrior Class

Warrior is your basic melee starter class. For some, this class might be a little on the slow side but they make up for it with damage output. Wielding a sword, this class can develop into one of three branches depending on what you want for your character.

If you’re wanting to increase your damage output significantly, explore the Berserk class. For those wanting to be more of a supportive tank, check out the Paladin, and if you want to be able to take a hit but also deal damage, then Gunlancer might be the class for you.

Martial Artist Class

Martial Artists are another melee starter class similar to the Warrior but without the sword and the apparent speed penalty. Unlike the warrior, the Martial Artist starter class has four specialisations. If you like the idea of flips and kicks then look at the Striker, if you want to become the Last Airbender and deal out elemental damage, then the Wardancer is for you.

For big, devastating attacks that takes chunks out of your enemy’s health bar then explore the Scrapper, and finally, for those who want to play as a melee class but maybe lack the to consistently play up close and personal, you should look at the Soulfist class who also has some ranged abilities.

Gunner Class

The Gunner starter class, as the name clearly suggests, is all about gunning down your opponents at range, and there are four specialised classes for those wanting to keep their distance when the fighting starts.

You can choose either the Gunslinger, a trigger happy class that switches between different weapons, the Artillerist with their huge damage output and their equally huge guns, the Deadeye who has the shortest range but devastating damage potential when used correctly, and lastly the Sharpshooter who will tactically take out their enemies with bow and arrow.

Mage Class

Mage is the only magic-using starter class for those who have always wanted to throw a fireball at their enemies. There are only two specialised classes with relatively polar in-game potential.

The Sorceress class taps into the ancient power of Arkesia to dish out high amounts of elemental damage, whereas the Bard class, while able to still deal damage, works more as a support class to heal and boost their teammates around them.

Assassin Class

Assassins are another melee starter class, similar to Martial Artists, that rely on quickly eliminating enemies from the shadows. As you progress, two specialised classes will become available to you.

There is the Deathblade class which quickly dashes across the battlefield, wielding three blades to down opponents, and you then have the Shadowhunter class who uses dark powers to shapeshift into demonic entities to obliterate any foe they encounter.

As Lost Ark is a free to play game, it’s unlikely that there will be ‘expansions’ but rather ‘major updates’ to the game over time. This has the potential for new starter and specialised classes to be introduced later on, similar to how it was done in Final Fantasy XIV with the Sage and Reaper in the final expansion.

What Lost Ark classes would you like to see be added to the game?