Love Honey is lifting up female-identifying legends with their ‘Wall of Female Empowerment’

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Lovehoney have curated a wall of incredible women and non-binaries sharing their empowerment journey.

Be prepared to be amazed, inspired, and proud, because the Sexual Happiness People at Lovehoney are celebrating International Women’s Day this year with ‘Lovehoney’s Wall of Female Empowerment’.

The wall features 40 proud women and non-binaries sharing their views on feminine sexuality and empowerment, from the workplace, to the bedroom and everywhere in-between.

Wall of Female Empowerment
Credit: Lovehoney

“An important and crucial part of the work we do at Lovehoney is centred on breaking down biases and stereotypes, with the goal of fostering a discrimination free world, in more than just a sexual happiness sense,” said Natasha Neal, Lovehoney Australia’s Senior Marketing Manager.

“This year, we’re showing our support for International Women’s Day by teaming up with some of the loudest and proudest women we know and profiling them to empower others,” added Neal.

The contributors range from Lovehoney ambassadors to staff members, all sharing what “being a woman means to them”.

Among the line-up of international and local contributors are:

Allira Potter
Ash Paraskevas
Bambi Fairy
Bryony Cole
Eleanor Hadley
Ellie Sedgwick
Kiki Maree (Kristin Murray Alexi)
Nicky Grant

Trans model and actress Bambi Fairy writes, “being a woman meant being true to myself. When I finally let go and became the true version of me that I was always meant to be, there she was. I worked hard and fought to be the woman I am. I still am working on what it means to be a woman every single day. There’s no right way to be a woman, we all need to remind ourselves of that.”

You can read more at  ‘Lovehoney’s Wall of Female Empowerment’.