Drifting dreamscapes and walls of sound: Lubulwa are anything but amateur on their debut EP

Lubulwa are a Melbourne four piece, already making some waves with their recent self-titled EP. They’re new to the scene (recently celebrating the one year anniversary of their first gig), but hell bent on getting their sound out there for everyone to hear.

Their recent single and subsequent video The Look is a thoughtful, yet incredibly catchy pop song. Its dreamy nature leaves you deep in a reverie, before lead singer Peter Lubulwa’s devastating vocals bring you back to reality, and back to the loneliness the song conveys.

Lubulwa are a wall of sound peppered with dynamic shifts, utilising pensive dreamy synths, melancholic guitar and powerful vocals to carry you above the clouds.

The Look hooks you in early with its catchy, jangly guitar riff – a trick you’ll hear repeated throughout the album. The melody carries through the song, gradually building but never feeling repetitive, kept ever so tight by the rhythm section, bassist Joshua Dawes locking into sync with drummer Miranda Holt something pretty.

All the while, the lead vocalist howls over the top, creating a gorgeous and dynamic soundscape for you to get lost in and never return.

The rest of the EP has some fantastic dreamy synths and melancholic moments, including Peter’s King Krule-esque style crooning on Too Late Now and Magnificent Summers, which sounds like a summer edition of City Calm Down.

Light and shade is essential for any band who can be so overwhelming at their peak, which is why these mid-order tracks shine. Standing as a breather between the frankly face-melting first and last moments of the record, it helps Lubulwa’s knack for sonic diversity stand proud.

If you want to catch them live and you’re lucky enough to live in Melbourne, you can catch them on the 7th of April at the Grace Darling Hotel at 8pm. Grab the finer details right here.

They’ll also be supporting Moody Beaches at Cactus Room on Friday April 13th. Spooky!