Luke Hansen’s ‘Lament’ is a gorgeous trip through spacious psychedelia

Luke Hansen is a young Sydney artist on the rise. His brand new single, Lament, puts a unique twist on colourful, atmospheric psych-rock.

Since emerging last year with his Simple Minds EP, Luke Hansen has blazed a trail of blues-infused psych through the Sydney indie scene. His music also leaves plenty of space for contemplation, with no better example than his brand new single, Lament.

Greeted with the soothing sounds of rain, moody arpeggiated guitar, and ambient squalls of reverse feedback, listeners are immersed in an atmosphere of mystery. But as the song elevates, Lament guides listeners through a variety of Hansen’s emotional states.

Luke Hansen

Though grieving the loss of someone close was the catalyst for Lament, Hansen paints a more ambiguous picture throughout the track, leaning on sparse layers of instrumentation, which is at times uplifting.

The thought-provoking mixture of guitars that are dripping in modulated effects, the electric piano that soars into the sparkling upper reaches of the frequency spectrum, and his laid-back vocal delivery doesn’t immediately evoke sadness. Instead, it offers up ample opportunity for reflection.

Despite its meditative qualities, Lament still possesses an energy that makes it ideal for the stage. The chiming chords are underpinned with the driving force of bass and drums which means that you’ll still be nodding your head to this earworm long after the track finishes.

With a wealth of material under his belt already — and a commitment to artistry that’s only enhanced with his latest single — no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more of Luke Hansen when Sydney’s live scene roars back to life.

Lament is out now. Stream it here.