Yep, Mac DeMarco just pissed his pants onstage at Portland Zoo. He confirmed it

Have we just reached peak Mac DeMarco? It looks as if Maccy D, while onstage at Oregon Zoo over the weekend, pissed himself.

UPDATE: The man himself has confirmed the rumours.

Mac Demarco oregon zoo pissed himself pissed pants

A man known for his zesty onstage antics, it seems as if Mac DeMarco has outdone even himself by pissing his pants mid-performance.

Previously DeMarco has spiced up his performances by sticking a thumb up his ass (his thumb? Who knows?) or knocking back a bottle of Jameson’s smooth Irish whisky. In the scheme of things. I guess this isn’t that diabolical.

Plus knowing his fans, this stunt will do him more good than harm. Piss is a fragrance, not a mistake.

Maybe he’s just getting ready for Laneway? If you’re planning on grabbing some tickets, be sure to bring a raincoat.

You, too, can see Mac piss himself at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival. Or shit himself. Who knows? It’ll be a good time.

Via Portland Mercury.