Video Premiere: Malibu Spacey deliver sunlit psychedelia on blissful new single ‘Electrocutie’

Mustering the sonics of the 70s, Malibu Spacey muse on everything and nothing on new single Electrocutie, the first blissful taste of the group’s upcoming debut album.  

Malibu Spacey have shared their new song Electrocutie, marking the first single to be lifted from the Melbourne band’s forthcoming debut album. The single — a meandering, guitar-driven ditty — was described by the band in a press statement as a “lockdown-induced introspection,” and sees vocalist Evan Jones muse on everything and nothing — lyrical content which perfectly suits the track’s unhurried sonics. 

Elsewhere on Electrocutie, bandmate Zoran Lasich provides blissful guitar strums atop Jones’ doo-wop melodies, while steady percussion provides a throughline to the otherwise-dissonant lyrics. “Electrocutie isn’t a song about anything in particular,” Jones explained in a statement. “There’s no real narrative, but I ended up keeping everything as it was — a little time capsule for a period I’d rather not return to.”

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That carefree attitude translates to the Electrocutie’s production, which sounds and feels like those joyous, overdrawn hours of a summer’s afternoon. The creation of the song — which was mixed and recorded by Lasich — was equally as leisurely, borne out of the band’s weekend trip to southeast Melbourne. “We went away to a house in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula for a very rainy weekend in late 2022 and came back with this,” Jones recalls.

The single is accompanied by an official music video, which was directed by Steve MacLean and shot at Richmond’s Central Club Hotel. The clip musters all the 70s-infused energy of Electrocutie itself, casting a VHS sheen over the band as they perform on the set of an imaginary timeworn television show. Watch the music video for Malibu Spacey’s new single below. 


Few acts can replicate their sound so seamlessly with their visuals, with Electrocutie serving as an effortless combination of Malibu Spacey’s distinct blend of jangly soft rock and indie psychedelia. The single offers the first taste of the band’s forthcoming debut album, which is set for release sometime this year. 

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Prior to that, the band — rounded out by Antony Tatangelo, Nat Richardson and Tim Clarke — released their first-ever EP Something To Do In The Desert in July of last year, and served as support acts for the likes of Skybelly, Merc Blanc and Mousse Cannon, among others. Tune into Malibu Spacey’s new single Electrocutie out tomorrow, and keep an eye out for their as-yet untitled album due out soon.