Mallrat slams “sexist” ARIA Awards after 2022 nominations announcement

Mallrat calls out the 2022 ARIA Awards nominations list, for being male-dominated: “Fuck you guys, you don’t get it.”

Following the release of this year’s nominees list for the ARIA Awards, Mallrat took to her Instagram story and expressed her disappointment at the lack of gender diversity: “Fuck the ARIAs. When I looked at the list of nominees this morning, my initial reaction was to feel personally underestimated and misunderstood by my album being snubbed.”

The Brisbane-hailing musician is referring to her debut LP, Butterfly Blue, which was released in May of this year, and charted at 2nd place on the ARIA Top 20 Australian album charts.

Credit: Joseph Okpako / WireImage

Mallrat continued to say, “then I took a deep breath and I realised that it’s not about me. Approximately one in five of the nominees are non-male and in categories like heavy rock there are no non-male artists nominated at all. So I’m reminded that the Australian music industry, like many industries, is dominated by men and in this case, men who don’t think an artist is credible unless it’s like a nonchalant dude playing guitar rock music. So fuck you guys, you don’t get it.”

Despite her disappointment, Mallrat did go on to congratulate Melbourne rockers, Amyl and the Sniffers, for their six ARIA nominations: “With that being said, congratulations Amyl and the Sniffers.”