Man breaks into Australian museum to take selfie with dinosaur skull

So we get that social distancing and lockdown has driven us to do some strange things in order to combat boredom. You know, like TikTok-making kinda strange. Or, sourdough bread-making kinda strange. Well, have you thought about breaking into a museum?

New South Wales police have just charged a man for just that – breaking into the Australian Museum, all for the reason of a simple stroll and some selfies. 

dinosaur skull, selfie

The man allegedly broke into the Australian Museum where he wandered around for over 40 minutes, taking photographs and selfies with a number of exhibits including dinosaur skeletons. 

The police released CCTV footage over the weekend, calling for anyone to come forward with information about who the mystery man was. However, after people mostly responded positively to the footage – including an overwhelming number of offers to shout him a beer at the pub – the footage was swiftly withdrawn. 

The person eventually charged was Paul Kuhn, a German citizen who currently studies at an Aussie uni. Not only did the bloke take some pictures with the exhibits in clear view of security cameras, but he stole a cowboy hat from the museum coat rack, attempted to enter locked rooms, and even rang the doorbell of one of the rooms. Was he trying to get caught or what? It turns out Kuhn eventually turned himself in to his local police station. 

Of course, this unexpected break-in means that the museum will have to do a full review of their current security measures, in order to best protect the millions of precious cultural, historical and scientific treasures which are kept inside. 

If you are feeling jealous of Mr Kahn and need a museum fix, you might have to wait up to 6 months before you can do so legally. However, why not bust your boredom by checking out some of the incredible virtual museum tours that are available during the COVID-19 pandemic.