A Margaret Thatcher statue was egged just hours after being erected

A memorial statue of Margaret Thatcher was installed in her hometown of Grantham and less than two hours later, it got egged.

A £300,000 ($529,549 AUD) statue of the controversial and divisive PM, Margaret Thatcher was erected in Grantham, a town in Lincolnshire.

As the statue was being installed passers-by voiced their disapproval with several motorists booing loudly. One man shouted, “Tear it down!” And another said, “This is no good for Grantham, is it?”

The statue was actually set to go up in Parliament Square in London but the plans changed due to fears it would be vandalised.

Even though a CCTV camera was installed next to the new figure, it didn’t deter the vandal from emptying a carton of eggs.

While the footage clearly shows who egged the PM’s memorial, Lincolnshire Police confirmed that no arrests have been made and inquiries are still ongoing.

More to come.