Johnny Depp’s friend said Amber Heard seemed to enjoy fighting

One of Johnny Depp’s closest friends Gina Deuters has commented on the ongoing defamation trial against Amber Heard.

Deuters was actually forced to step down from the witness stand within the actual trial but she has since given an exclusive interview to Page Six and said she believes Amber Heard thrives on drama.

Deuters is the wife of Depp’s longtime business partner and assistant Stephen Deuters and has known the actor for almost 20 years.

Deuters told Page Six: “There was one thing Amber said at the wedding. She kind of leaned into me and said, ‘Do you and Stephen ever fight?’ I responded, ‘We sometimes have an argument,’ and she was like, ’No, Gina, like really fight?’ And it was kind of unnerving. [I thought], ‘Do you enjoy it?’”

“I think there is a part of Amber that [believes] fighting is passion. It means there’s sparks, fireworks [in the relationship]. [Amber] is someone who is always used to getting what she wants. She is quite entitled and I think she made big demands in their divorce.”

“When [Amber] was denied those demands, I feel she was like, ‘I am not going to get what I want so I am going to destroy you.’”

“My husband called her a sociopathic show pony, and he certainly doesn’t regret it,” Deuters explained.

“Stephen, at the end, was quite literally the mediator … no one else wanted to deal with Amber, and Stephen would be the only person she could talk to.”

Deuters was recently given the opportunity to testify in Depp’s defense in the trial but was told to step down and her testimony was struck from the record after she let it slip that she had in fact seen clips of the trial online.

More to come.