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PREMIERE: Marlinspike crack open a time capsule from the acid-soaked 1970s to bring you Technicolour

There must be something in the water up in Perth, or perhaps the whole city has begun microdosing LSD.  Whatever’s going on up there, we’re loving it, and Marlinspike are some of the latest and greatest rockers riding that creative tidal wave which rose from the west five years ago.

Today we bring you their latest effort; a slow, slinking jam named Technicolour. Soaked in the spiked water of Perth’s plumbing system and dried out in the neverending, windy drawl of the desert, it’s a track encompassing everything the city has become known for musically, dabbed in a little Marlinspike flavour for good measure.

marlinspike technicolour premiere time capsule ep

Brimming with off-balance psychedelic glory, Marlinspike have taken a many-faced trip through time and space on their newest track Technicolour.

Technicolour was recorded in the remoteness of East Augusta by the enigmatic Tunafish (Koi Child, Dream Rimmy) and mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering (King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Eddy Current Suppression Ring). It’s a track that certainly boasts a few high-end credits, and it shows.

Opening with an off-kilter, guitar-driven ring, Technicolour begins as it ends, never losing its potent drawl. Slowing down for the chorus rather than attempting a crescendo, it’s a song which finds moments of brilliance in some of its darkest places.

A wormhole of lo-fi, Perth-borne psychedelia which drones along with more certainty than the ticking of a clock, Technicolour forms a representative first taste of Marlinspike’s upcoming EP Time Capsule.

A time capsule is a package designed with a singular purpose, to withstand time, the universe’s greatest equaliser. While formal time capsules are usually organised under considered intent, any piece of art could be considered one too, under the right circumstances.

Whether Marlinspike believe their sophomore EP will last through the years, or that it captures the soul of times gone by, its title is a fitting one. Given the potency of our first tester in Technicolour, I see no reason it can’t do both.


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May 22, 2017