Find out why seeing the MIDI notation of Laura Palmer’s Theme sent David Lynch into a frenzy

Twin Peaks director David Lynch has held a longstanding partnership with his go-to score composer Angelo Badalamenti, the pair bringing the world iconic soundtrack after iconic soundtrack in their time together. Fair to say, Badalamenti has thrown a fair bit of weight into what you might consider the Lynchian aesthetic.

While the story of how the two got together and pieced together Laura Palmer’s Theme is a treat within itself, what added to the intrigue of the piece came a little after; in the track’s MIDI notation.

Laura Palmer's theme david lynch midi notation twin peaks

“It’s cosmic!” The MIDI notation of Laura Palmer’s Theme sent David Lynch into an eerie freakout, and with good reason.

When David Hurley, Lynch’s music supervisor, was studying the MIDI notation of the theme, he noticed something unbelievable. Speaking to Vulture, Hurley told the story as so:

“The MIDI notation of Laura Palmer’s Theme, you look at it and you’re like, ‘What’s this a picture of’ “You look at it and it’s actually … Twin Peaks. Fucking eerie.”

Check out the notation below.

Laura Palmer's theme david lynch midi notation twin peaks

“I showed David the photo and I was like, ‘What does this look like to you?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, twin peaks. What about it?’” Hurley continued.

“And I told him what it was, and he just started shouting, ‘It’s cosmic! It’s cosmic! It’s cosmic!’ and then he was like, ‘That would make a great T-shirt.’ And then I sent it to Angelo, and Angelo was just like, ‘Whoa … this is scary … but very cool!”

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