Marmalade Skies unleash a carefree summer anthem on their new single

Kiwi surf-rock newcomers Marmalade Skies are a band to watch out for. Armoured with a summer-ready sonic and a no-shits-given attitude, they’re well on their way.

Marmalade Skies have just dropped an off-beat summer anthem that will bury itself in your brain for days.

Drowned My Phone is as glossy and sweltering as it is hilarious: a perfect blend of brilliant songwriting and off-the-cuff humour. Needless to say, it’s a bloody incredible release.

marmalade skies

Lyrically, Drowned My Phone is a song that literally gives no shits. Frontman Ethan Perkins tells audiences the story of that day that he chucked a hissy fit and threw his phone into the ocean. Relatable content, I must say. Underneath this light-hearted take, however, is a deeper criticism of social media and our warped appreciation of inauthenticity.

When it comes to their sonic, the band kill it on all levels. The rhythms are air-tight and the melodies are tailored to surf-rock perfection.


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“Drowned My Phone is about a friend having the misfortune of dropping their phone in the ocean but is also about getting fed up with the unhealthy culture of social media,” says Perkins. “We want our music to be fun and exciting while also challenging the norms of society.”

Dripping in nuance and talent, Drowned My Phone is the first, exciting taster of the boys’ upcoming EP Nautical Nectar.

Check out this incredible release below: