Players find an infinite Paragon/Renegade hack in 'Mass Effect Legendary Edition'

Players find an infinite Paragon/Renegade hack in ‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition just landed a few days ago, and by golly, players are in for a stellar ride. And within the space of a few days, there’s already a hack for earning Infinite Paragon/Renegade points.

For lack of a better word, the experience of Mass Effect Legendary Edition so far is simply… epic. It’s got stunning visuals, amazing intergalactic battles, and everyone’s favourite characters back on the playing field.

However, no matter how great the game, you can bet players will find ways to exploit its systems. A prominent example sees players able to earn infinite Paragon/Renegade points in the latest edition of Mass Effect.

Mass Effect Infinite Paragon

What do infinite Paragon/Renegade points even do?

Paragon and Renegade are the two sides of Mass Effect’s morality system; Paragon good, Renegade bad. If you’ve pushed either side of this system far enough, it will unlock additional dialogue options in situations where an especially good will (or a tendency to eschew the rules) may come in handy.

It’s incredibly important, considering that Paragon/Renegade points will determine whether or not players can diplomatically resolve situations across the Mass Effect franchise, usually avoiding a bloodbath in the process.

Here’s what you need to do

A little word of warning before you read any further; this hack spoils some of the events in Mass Effect, so proceed with caution. Otherwise, let’s dive straight into how to score infinite Paragon or Renegade points.

It all takes place in the Noveria mission. As soon as you land on this planet, head straight to the bar. Because that’s where all the action ever happens, after all! Here, you’ll meet a Turian named Lorik Qui’in. He’s a poor soul who’s been fired from his corporate job after he blew the whistle on the Port Hanshan administrator, Anoleis.

But he needs evidence – which is why he’ll ask you to collect some dirt from his former office all the way in Synthetic Insights. However, don’t hand over the goods immediately. Exposing the crimes of others is never a straightforward path, and that’s why players should strike up a conversation with Gianna Parasini first. She is located nearby, in the very bar where you made contact with Lorik.

Now, for the moment you’ve all been working for: getting the actual points. Just tell Lorik to testify in court. Select the “Matriarch Benezia”, “Another Question”, and “Testify Against Anoleis” options to start reaping the rewards. Players can take advantage of this bug by replaying this conversation an infinite amount of times.

Of course, scoring infinite Paragon points would go entirely against a Paragon Shepherd’s moral compass. Renegade Shep on the other hand? Cheat away.


Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out now.