Meet The Brights, 1 of the 5 bands playing alongside Hockey Dad this month

The Brights are a group of four from Sydney with a pair of demos to their name. They make crafty indie rock tunes that do good things to a crowd, a talent which has seen them play a string of local DIY shows with bands such as DIET., Moody Beach and plenty more.

They’re also one of the five emerging bands selected to play alongside Hockey Dad at our Underproof show at the end of the month. But before that all goes down, we caught up with the guys for a chat.

the brights interview sydney band northern beaches

Introduce yourself to The Brights, one of the five local bands supporting Hockey Dad at our huge Underproof show next month.

HAPPY: Hey, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

THE BRIGHTS: Things are good. Just been finishing up a couple of songs which will be released next month, and now getting ready to play some shows.

HAPPY: Tell us about yourselves. How did the band start out?

THE BRIGHTS: We’ve all been playing around the Northern Beaches for a few years now. The band’s a year and half old, just came about through shared interests.

HAPPY: For new fans, what’s the band elevator pitch?

THE BRIGHTS: Wannabe Lou Reeds. We like dressing up and we like pretending to be cool.

HAPPY: Give us a little bit of a vibe on your live show. What’s the setup?

THE BRIGHTS: Two guitars, drums, and bass. We are average but some people like it.

HAPPY: What do you love about the scene around the Northern Beaches at the moment?

THE BRIGHTS: The Northern Beaches is a bit of a bubble and is strangely isolated from most of what is happening culturally in the rest of Sydney. It is hard to ignore that a lot of people see music, especially live bands, as a novelty. The punk scene on the beaches is probably the strongest and draws the most people with bands like C.O.F.F.I.N. always managing to put on a genuine show. We often play at the Park House in Mona Vale that has live bands every Friday, but ultimately the people attending are waiting for the bands to stop and the DJ’s to start.

HAPPY: Which other bands are you listening to right now?

THE BRIGHTS: We’re really liking a few local bands at the moment. Shining Bird, Straight Arrows, SPECTATOR, and Johnny Hunter among a few others.

HAPPY: Very soon you’ll be playing the Underproof show with Hockey Dad, are you psyched? Anything special planned?

THE BRIGHTS: Yeah, it’s a great opportunity to play with one of Australia’s biggest bands. It’s looking to be the largest show we have played to date, but we are just going to play how we normally play.

HAPPY: Tell us about what else you have coming up?

THE BRIGHTS: As we said earlier, next month we will be releasing a couple of songs. We are also having a single launch for them at Mona Vale Park House on the 12th of July.

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat!

THE BRIGHTS: Thank you.



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