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Meet the Dust Collector, Finegear’s new vintage-inspired effects unit

Finegear have recently announced their new Dust Collector for pre-order as the first in their new line of _Arkive_Effects series, perfect for those who love vintage and experimental sounds.

The multi-effects box boasts two tape saturators, two LFOs, a delay and a phaser, as well as a manipulatable spring reverb tank and a “madness switch”.
Finegear Dust Collector

Finegear’s recently announced Dust Collector produces authentically vintage and experimental effects. It’s capable of both warm and aggressive tones.

The _Arkive_ line of effects has been described as “a curated series of effects designed for sonic experimentation“, making it perfect for experimental and psychedelic sounds. The delay is overdriven and lo-fi, and is capable of doing some unique infinite feedback via the momentary ‘madness’ control. Users can also easily remove the acrylic cover over the reverb tank to physically manipulate the spring for aggressive splashes of reverb.

The unit is also capable of plenty of lovely warm and vintage sounds, with its two saturation units that can add subtle drive and would sound great on drums, vocals or a DI’d guitar. It’s priced at 480 euros and is set to ship in July this year.

When unveiling the unit at Soundbooth 2020, Finegear stated:

“The Dust Collector honors and expands upon the history of experimentation in electronics, shaking the dust and ash that have settled over the 70’s: gritty, springy, phased magic dust that sticks to the tape and transforms your sound into a living, kicking and breathing organism – not necessarily pretty, but alive & authentic.”

Indeed the Dust Collector does sound authentically dusty, and their demo of the unit proves it. Check out Finegear for all the details.