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Pour yourself a fresh cup of vintage gear with Acustica Audio’s Coffee

Acustica Audio has released Coffee, a plugin suite designed as a modern take on vintage hardware. The suite includes a channel strip, EQ, preamp and compressor.

Modelled on six different hardware units, Coffee consists of two different EQs, an HP/LP filter section, five dynamics processors including a limiter, plus a complete preamp section with 31 different emulations.Acustica Coffee

Acustica Audio’s Coffee is a plugin suite that includes re-engineered takes on vintage 60s style EQs, preamps, and compressors.

As with all Acustica plugins, each plugin comes in both a Standard version and a so-called ZL version, meaning zero latency.  The two EQs, named Model A and Model B, are based on a U.K. style mixing desk and a U.S. style analog unit respectively. The preamp riffs on a variety of hardware models divided into three switchable banks.

The channel strip and compressor modules are equipped with four dynamic processors derived from two different units. Mode 1, Mode 2, and Ultra mode are based on a modern reissue of a Vari-mu Tube compressor. Mode 3 and a Limiter mode put an American spin on a UK style compressor/limiter.

Like other Acustica products, Coffee runs on their Core 15 engine.

Coffee is available now from Acustica Audio at an introductory price of €129, down from €219. For more information, head to Acustica Audio.