Meet the Strymon Compadre: your new companion in compression

Meet the Strymon Compadre: your new companion in compression

The boutique guitar pedal company Strymon has recently announced their new Compadre compression and boost pedal.

It’s designed as an ‘always on’ pedal, supplying multiple compression types and an independent boost with EQ shaping, making it a companion and partner for guitarists to be tied to the hip with.Compadre

Strymon’s new Compadre pedal is a high-quality compressor and boost pedal that aims to be a guitarist’s best friend.

Strymon describes the Compadre as an expansion of their very first guitar pedal, the OB-1—a transparent compressor and boost. The Compadre adds a new range of features to the OB-1 for more tweak-ability.

Whereas the OB-1 was purely designed as a transparent EQ with one knob, the Compadre allows guitarists to switch between a ‘Studio’ style transparent compression and a ‘Squeezed’, in-your-face compression effect.

The compadre also comes with options to adjust the threshold of compression as well as the mix of dry signal to wet signal, which can be used for parallel compression—where a compressed sound and non-compressed sound are blended together for the best of both worlds.

Strymon is known for exceptional quality pedals and as such their products are sold at a premium. The new Compadre is retailing for about $600AUD.

For some, that might seem a lot for an effect that is most often meant to be transparent. But, as Strymon describe, compression as a guitarist is something you feel more in your hands rather than over a video demo.


More info about the pedal can be found here.