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Tracktion releases new versions of Waveform Free and Waveform Pro

Tracktion has recently announced new versions of their DAWs Waveform Free and Waveform Pro—which is now Waveform Pro 11.

New features of Waveform Pro include new UI, editing and MIDI tools (including an arpeggiator and chord creator), and 22 new plugins. Both Pro and Free versions have new instruments, plug-ins and crash-prevention.Tracktion Pro 11

Tracktion has just announced new versions of their affordable DAWs Waveform Pro and Waveform Free, stocked with new sounds, plug-ins and other features.

Tracktion has always had a place in the market for offering affordable versions of Waveform (the cheapest of which comes in at $120USD) as well as a strong free version with plenty of features.

Waveform Pro Basic, for instance, comes stock with Celemony’s Melodyne and Antares’ Autotune, the two most well-known pitch correction plug-ins in the industry.

In Waveform Pro Standard and Extreme, Synthesiser workstations like BioTek2 and the RetroMod collection are added. Waveform Pro Standard and Extreme also come with DAW Essentials, a range of plug-ins covering everything from compression, to filters, to modulation and reverb.

Waveform Free is also a powerful tool, and Tracktion describes it as “unlike any other so-called Free DAW”. It comes stock with 4OSC, a synthesiser with four oscillators and a range of effects, as well as a drum sampler.

Tracktion’s new updates to both versions of Waveform also includes a new feature called Plug-in Sandbox, which is designed for use with third-party plug-ins to prevent the DAW from crashing if the plugins crash, which will save many a headache.

More info can be found on Tracktion’s website.