Meet the Youtuber covering hit songs using fruit and vegetables

Over the years, we have seen so many Youtubers share covers of their favourite songs – some taking much more creative approaches than others. 

But Pupsi could take the cake. His YouTube channel features covers of songs using only homemade fruit and vegetable instruments.

YouTuber Pupsi

YouTuber Pupsi carves hollows and holes in a range of vegetables to create ‘ocarinas,’ which he uses to cover songs in the name of memes. 

Pupsi took to his YouTube bio to explain just why he does what he does:

“Hi. I’m Toni Patanen from Finland. I make ocarinas, real ceramic ones ( and from stupid things such as potatoes. I play bass guitar as my main instrument and obviously also play the ocarina.”

“Here I’m going to post vegetable content in the name of memes, probably some cover songs on real instruments, and other stuff. You guys just probably want to see memes though so I’ll do my “best” to provide your fix.”

And “provide the fix” he does. In the past year, Pupsi has released four covers including Darude’s Sandstorm on a potato, Mask Off by Future on a carrot, Toto’s Africa on sweet potato and squash, and of course, All Star by Smash Mouth using solely melons.

The channel also features a video in which Patanen improvises with a fridge full of instruments he has created.

What makes these videos even sweeter – or stranger – is that they show the creation process of the fruit and veggie ocarinas. Patanen then uses sound effects taken from filming, such as scraping and cutting sounds, to add percussion to his covers.

Check out Pupsi’s cover of Africa using sweet potatoes and squash below and check out the rest of his incredible channel here.