Did Megan Fox and MGK secretly get married?

Did Megan Fox and MGK secretly get married?

Fans are speculating about whether or not Hollywood’s hottest couple got hitched after hearing MGK refer to Megan Fox as his “wife”.

During the 2022 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, MGK said: “I wrote this song for my wife,” according to E! News.

The muso went on to play his song twin flame which he has dedicated to Megan.

The pair announced their engagement in January so it’s not impossible that they would have already tied the knot, they may even already have a mini Gun Kelly (is that the last name?) on the way.

MGK reportedly stopped while playing to say “and this is for our unborn child.”

While he may have been referring to the babies he wants to make with Meg, fans are going crazy over the idea that Fox already has one in the oven.

More to come.