Meryl Streep takes on Trump with hilarious results

At last night’s Public Theatre gala, an event celebrating the work of Shakespeare, 3-time Academy Award winner and all-round legend, Meryl Streep performed as Donald Trump and the similarities were uncanny.

StreepMeryl Streep is good, scary good. When she came to the Public Theatre Gala as Donald Trump, the resemblance was almost too close for comfort.

Donning a bright orange face, a low hanging belly and that notorious haircut, Streep took to the stage for the closing performance of the night with fellow actress, Christine Baranski.

The pair performed a duet from Cole Porter’s musical Kiss me, Kate. Brush Up Your Shakespeare originally written for a male duo, is a song giving advice on picking up women however, in the case of Streep’s rendition, the subject was altered to the pursuit of convincing women voters, something Trump could definitely use a hand in.

Donning his trademark accent and boisterous demeanour, Streep was not only a spitting image but a scarily similar figure to that of the man himself. The result is a hilarious, if, a little terrifying portrayal of the world’s clown, who’s inching far too close to presidency every day.

Streep’s performance certainly did justice to the joke that is Donald Trump, and in times like these, we could all do with a laugh. When asked if she was planning on a reprisal of the role, Streep admitted to the performance being a “one off”. We can dream.

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