Porn Star Mia Malkova’s weirdest sex request

Mia Malkova recently appeared on the Stiff Socks Podcast and divulged the juiciest details of her salacious career as a porn star.

Mia Malkova has had a very successful career in the porn industry for many years so it’s no surprise that by now, she’s seen it all.

The adult entertainer has garnered a fair few fans, with over 10.5 million followers on Instagram and a lucrative OnlyFans account, so she is very familiar with all sorts of unusual sex requests.

Credit: Twitter

Mia appeared on the comedy podcast and dished some of the strange things she has been paid to do over the year.

“This was an interesting guy; he couldn’t get hard unless you kicked him in the balls, and I kicked him hard,” Mia explained.

“I was shy to kick him, and I’m in f***ing stilettos, so I was being nice at first.

“I kept looking at him, and gauging because I didn’t want to hurt him, I was like, ‘No I think he wants it.’

“So I kicked him real hard, and I dropped him, and he looked up smiling, and he had his d**k hard.”

Apparently, Mia was a natural.

While that’s definitely an extremely unique kink, by now it’s probably something we’ve all heard of.

Watch the full podcast episode here.