Watch dogs flying planes, playing ‘Halo’, and fetching grenades in Microsoft’s holiday commercial

This year’s holiday commercial from Microsoft features dogs playing HaloMinecraft, and Microsoft Flight Simulator in an adorable display.

The 90-second advertisement depicts a dog named Rufus being neglected by his family during Christmas time. The son is playing Halo Infinite ahead of its 2021 release, the daughter is on Minecraft, the father has a pretty neat Microsoft Flight Simulator setup, and the mother is in a Microsoft Teams call.

Unable to be with his fellow canine neighbour named Sam, Rufus dreams of meeting them in the aforementioned games. From a dog-themed Minecraft level to experiencing the best version of sticking their head out of the car window in Microsoft Flight Simulator, the dogs dream of a fun time with each other.

Microsoft Holiday Commercial Halo
GIF: Microsoft

Master Chief even gets in on the action, with Rufus fetching a live grenade and dropping it by his feet before running off, leading to a side glance straight out of The Office. This moment has already been turned into a reaction GIF, ready for usage when someone in your group chat says something stupid.

The dogs even roll around in the green hills and blue skies of the default Windows XP background and get in a Microsoft Teams call with other dogs. It is presumed that they are talking about world dominance.

In order to delay the inevitable and perhaps set yourself up to be spared in the insurrection, go and tell your dog “I love you”. Studies have shown that dogs appreciate it if you say that phrase, seen in their heart rates increasing.

With dogs getting smarter, it’s only a matter before Rufus, Sam, and their comrades move their plane-flying, grenade-fetching antics into the real world and doom us all. So go and give your dog some love.