Midweek Blues serve up pure unadulterated blues on Last Days Of May

Late last year, Bendigo outfit Midweek Blues released their album Last Days Of May. We’ve been spinning it ever since… and if you haven’t yet been introduced to this five-piece, it’s time to change that.

Throughout the album, the band belt through story-driven lyricism and crunching instrumentation to deliver a sound that’ll rattle your bones.

Last Days Of May, the crunching new album from Bendigo five-piece Midweek Blues, is an unadulterated, straight-up slab of blues-rock.

Their sound is a unique concoction of blues and rock that explodes on all throughout the album’s nine tracks. It’s an unadulterated, no-bullshit style of music that you’ll quickly become addicted to.

Midweek Blues began a number of years ago as a jam project, but those jams quickly evolved into full-blown songs. Those songs are what now make up this album.

While the songs still possess that spontaneous jamming charm, they feel far more developed than the music of your average jam band. Each song on this album is a fully-formed beast that stands alone, while also fitting nicely into the groove of the record.

Last Days Of May is also available on CD, so if you fancy getting your hands a hard copy, order yourself one here.

For now though, do yourself a favour and listen to the full album above.