PREMIERE: Let Beau Lightning take you out to the desert with his debut single Last Night

Adelaide based singer-songwriter Beau Lightning has unveiled his sprawling debut single Last Night… and let me tell you, this thing is an absolute belter.

Across the track’s four minute duration, the artist navigates a variety of different sonic territories; never sitting in one place for too long. The result is one of the most exciting listens we’ve come across this year.

Entering into Last Night – the sprawling and hypnotic debut track from Adelaide artist Beau Lightning – feels like tripping through the Sahara Desert on a dry summer afternoon.

On the new track, Beau navigates a unique blend of crunching guitars, bone rattling percussion, and hypnotic vocals to deliver a sound that belongs entirely to himself.

Like if Queens Of The Stone Age were stranded in the Sahara Desert, the artist oozes out an effortlessly cool brand of rock music that feels simultaneously energetic and laid back.

He traverses through searing electric guitar lines and earthy acoustic chord progressions to deliver an interesting duality that’ll captivate any listener.

Beau Lightning’s debut show is set to be held at The Jade in Adelaide on Friday August 31st. Grab more info on that show here.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to the new single above.