Millions Look Back at the Best of 2014

So new year’s eve has come and gone. You got drunk. You made promises you had no intentions of keeping. You desperately wanted to kiss that cute person at the party at midnight, but ended up settling for hugging the dog instead. But the thing that new year’s eve always manages to do is make a person reflect on the year they’ve had. Me? I reflected on my good fortune of getting a job where I get to listen to awesome bands all day and then write about them. And one of those bands is none other than Millions. The garage-y, indie pop Brisbane boys have had a pretty good 2014 – they always manage to splash a bit of colour into your day. So when Happy asked them what filled their days with colour during 2014, the boys happily (geddit?) complied and gave us a list of their 10 favourite songs from the year. Behold!


2014 was a great year for Brisbanites Millions, so the boys took a stroll down memory lane to find the songs that made their year special.

She Can’t Leave Me Here Alone Tonight – Homeshake

I like this because it’s sort of like Mac Demarco (he used to play guitar in Mac Demarco’s band) but a little bit more adventurous. The chorus guitar line melts my heart every time. Definitely check out the album, it’s a real winner.

Slow Jam – King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizard

This is my favourite track off this great album. I like King Gizzard when they are fast and furious, but probably like them more when they are slow and soulful, again, melts my heart!

Pains – Silk Rhodes

Although this a very direct descendant of a Isley Brothers’ song, I still really like it because it’s done so god damn well. You can just hear the pain in his voice amirite?

Silvia – Schultz and Forever

Young dude from Denmark (i think?) channeling deep Connan Mockassin vibes, really good and airy synths in the background. As long as the guitar has luscious choruses on it and isn’t the Smiths, there’s a 90% chance I’ll like it.

Christ Conscious – Joey Bada$$

Really the only guy at the moment making fucking great hip hop constantly and consistently. Super psyched for B4DA$$ (BEST ALBUM TITLE EVA). This beat sounds like a 90’s beat on roids.

Making Breakfast – Twin Peaks

Love this song cos it’s so fucking instantly catchy. Sort of got over garage a bit last year, but then a song like this comes and restores my faith in it.

Sugah Daddy – D’Angelo

Been waiting for this for so long, and it didn’t disappoint. The neo soul icon returns with a vengeance, people had said he’d lost it but then he drops this and makes their opinions invalid.

This Is Not About Us – Kindness

I really liked the first 2 tracks off this album but then was kinda disappointed by the album. One thing is for sure, the guy knows how to write a catchy groove when he wants to.

Shalala – Moses Gunn Collective

These guys are actually our mates who live up the road and this is just a fucking great serving of well thought out catchy pop. No shit, my favourite song a friend has released.

Could Have Been My Love – Foxygen

My favourite track from what I think is a very underrated album.There are moments of pure unadulterated genius within the foxygen double opus … and star power if you just go and look for them. This could’ve just come off a Rolling Stones record in the late 60’s and that’s why i love it.

Honourable Mention: Yes & You – Moodoid

He sings in French and the guitar playing is beautiful.


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