Turns out money can buy happiness

New research has found that the more people earn, the happier they are… even at incomes of more than $100,000 a year.

They say that money can’t buy happiness. They also so that anyone who thinks that have never owned a jet ski (fkn lmao!). But a new study led by Matthew A. Killingsworth has found strong evidence to suggest that the more you earn, the happier you’ll be.

In the past, similar studies have shown that once people reach a threshold income that they can comfortably live on, happiness levels plateau when wealth is the only factor considered. On the contrary, Killingsworth’s research found no plateau – even well past the very steady salary of $100,000 AUD.

Money Happiness
Credit: Zac Freeland/Vox

The research team used an app called ‘Track Your Happiness’ to gather results. There were 33,391 participants that took part, all of whom were employed in the United States.

Participants were asked by the app for their household income amongst other questions, then a few times a day, the app would ask participants how they’re feeling, with a slidey-scale ranging from “very bad” to “very good.”

These results were then turned into well-being reports that reflected the average happiness levels of participants. Then finally, they were asked, “Overall, how satisfied are you with your life?”, with options ranging from “Not at all” to “Extremely.”

Obviously, there are countless other factors involved, but the results showed significant signs that money was a prominent factor when it came to the happiness of participants. The people that earned more had overwhelmingly greater day-to-day levels of happiness than those with lower incomes.

And unlike previous studies, the slope of the relationship between wealth and joy had little difference on either side of the $110,000 salary mark.

Now, this is not financial advice, but we’d still rather be unhappy for the next 70 years than follow #grindtok accounts.


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