Here’s what we know about season two of Netflix’s just-renewed anthology series ‘Monster’

Netflix today announced that a second season of its much-divisive anthology show, Monster is in the works.

Netflix’s new true crime anthology series, Monster offered a look into the life of serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer for its first outing earlier this year. The series — created by Glee and American Horror Story showrunner, Ryan Murphy and starring Evan Peters in the title role — was a mammoth success for the streaming service upon its release in September, promptly becoming the second most-watched English title in Netflix history

Despite courting controversy in its alleged lack of contact with Dahmer’s real-life victims, seasons two and three of the anthology show were today (November 8) greenlit by Netflix, promising two more in-depth profiles of some of the world’s most sinister criminal figures. In anticipation of the upcoming instalments, here’s everything we know about Monster season two. 

Monster Season Two
Credit: Ser Baffo / Netflix

Who will it profile?

In their statement announcing the series’ renewal to Deadline, both Murphy and Netflix revealed that the two additional seasons will “tell the stories of other monstrous figures who have impacted society.” While the showrunner remained tight-lipped on exactly who that figure will be, pundits have insisted that the show will continue its profiling of serial killers, suggesting that Murphy will set his sights on the likes of Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy, the last of whom achieved notoriety for dressing as a clown. 

Credit: Netflix

Season two cast

It’s not yet known who exactly will comprise the cast of Monster’s second season, but Deadline reported that, given Murphy’s sprawling television universe (which also includes American Crime Story), audiences can expect the return of castmates from some of his other series. Alongside Peters, actresses Sarah Paulson and Emma Roberts have been longtime muses for Murphy, with Paulson starring in 13 Murphy productions over the years.

Credit: FandomWire

Release date, trailer and more

News of Monster’s renewal arrived today, marking a relatively brief period between its premiere and subsequent greenlighting. While an official release date for the second instalment is yet to be revealed, the first season’s September 21 debut outlines a similar timeline for forthcoming seasons. What To Watch reported that audiences can reasonably expect Monster’s second season to air sometime between September and November of 2023.