Morning Glory on the Vine, Catch and Kill and more – Happy’s Weekend Reading

Head into the weekend with some fantastic new books. Morning Glory on the Vine is Joni Mitchell’s collection of early songs and drawings, while Catch and Kill is a thrilling investigation that sheds light on corruption and cover-ups.

The Trauma Cleaner is a biography like no other, Bob Brown’s call to arms is laid bare in Planet Earth and March of the Lemmings is Stewart Lee’s caustic chronicle of the Brexit debacle. Let’s check out this week’s selection. Joni Mitchell

Morning Glory on the Vine, Catch and Kill, The Trauma Cleaner, Planet Earth and March of the Lemmings are among the best new reads this weekend.

Morning Glory on the Vine: Early Songs and Drawings by Joni Mitchell

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Joni Mitchell was a creative powerhouse, even beyond her transcendent songs. In 1971, Mitchell produced a handmade book – containing a series of drawings, watercolours and handwritten lyrics – as a gift to her closest friends. It’s now publicly available for the first time. Via CanongateMorning glory on the vine

Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators by Ronan Farrow

Cover-ups of terrible crimes are, sadly, not news to anyone. Farrow’s investigation, however, speaks to the shadowy systems that enable rampant abuses of power to continue in the upper echelons of Hollywood, Washington and beyond. Visit Hachette for more. Catch and Kill

The Trauma Cleaner: One Woman’s Extraordinary Life in Death, Decay & Disaster by Sarah Krasnostein

This remarkable tale explores the life of Sandra Pankhurst, a woman who has survived her own significant traumas, only to dedicate her life to helping others move beyond their own. Krasnostein’s portrait of a woman who meets people at their lowest possible ebb is a rare and uplifting life story. More at Text.  The Trauma Cleaner

Planet Earth: Inspirations and Thoughts from a Planet Warrior by Bob Brown

Bob Brown has walked the lonely road of environmental activism in the Australian political scene for decades. In Planet Earth, he delivers a call to action with trademark lucidity and passion while maintaining a positive approach. More at Hardie Grant. Planet Earth

March of the Lemmings: Brexit in Print and Performance 2016-2019 by Stewart Lee

Who best to provide a recount of the funny-if-it-wasn’t-so-damn-serious fiasco of Brexit than Stewart Lee, one of England’s most insightful comedic minds? Encapsulating the convulsions of British press and his stand-up show, this book sums up the chaos and confusion of Brexit through Lee’s unique perspective. Via Faber & FaberMarch of the Lemmings