WATCH: Moss & Nooky’s music video for ‘STORM’ has landed

Eora’s leading electronic producer, Moss delivers up the visuliser for ‘STORM,’ and it totally hits in all the right places

Wadawurrung artist Moss returned on the 17th of May with his latest single, “STORM” and this week, we get to wrap our eyes around the music video

In collaboration with Nooky, Moss delivered up his trademark heavy and distorted bass, crafting a dark and compelling soundscape that hooks you instantly.

As one of Eora’s leading electronic producers, Moss continually pushes the genre’s boundaries. With “STORM,” he blends Indigenous cultural elements with warping bass lines and meticulous production, resulting in an innovative and captivating track.

Nooky’s powerful rap hooks add another layer of intensity, showcasing the strength of these two trailblazers in Australian Indigenous music.

Moss shares, “From the eerie and howling Gumbaynggirr words ‘Wind, Rain, Lightning, Thunder’ to Nooky’s unleashed vocals, ‘STORM’ is a very special record. Storms are both beautiful and destructive, and we captured that in this blend of our styles. What began as a jam session at a songwriting camp quickly evolved into the Category 5 storm that is now ‘STORM’. It’s been a wild journey creating this with such talented people, and now, the storm is here.”

Nooky adds, “Moss’ production is intense, so it was only right we collaborated. ‘STORM’ came together quickly; Moss had a beat, and I freestyled my part. That’s the essence of ‘STORM.'”

Moss is solidifying his bass-heavy impact in Australia and beyond, proving he can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the world.