Myd celebrates absurdity on goofy new single 'Together We Stand'

Myd celebrates absurdity on goofy new single ‘Together We Stand’

In a time when our outlook on life is feeling pretty grim, there’s nothing like a feel-good dance hit to make you move and wash those troubles away. Now, French artist Myd has released the perfect track to lift your spirits.

Ahead of his debut album Myd has blessed our tired souls with Together We Stand along with an accompanying video, boasting the artist’s offbeat style and kooky visual sensibilities. 


Together We Stand has arrived at a time when the world truly needed it. Fresh and effervescent, Myd oozes with an infectious sound that will surely make you swoon. 

Together We Stand works to blur the lines of genre, dipping its toes in the worlds of indie-pop, folk, and floor-filling electronica. The track revolves around a vivacious vocal sample which enthuses pure joy and movement, reflecting the themes of the song.

Speaking about the track, Myd stated:

“Together We Stand talks about a community of people who devote their lives to the community. I wrote most of the album when I was on tour, and after the release of my first EP on Ed Banger, I saw this community around us and the electronic community [as a whole]. It’s a bit too cheesy for me to translate it like ‘hey, everyone is dancing on the dance floor and girls are beautiful,’ so I chose a different way.”

“I translated it as if it was a community all living together and dedicating a part of their life to the music. It’s almost talking about a cult.”

Together We Stand celebrates the unconventional, and Myd has thoughtfully paired the dancefloor filler with a music video that exudes an offbeat and comical visual style. In the clip we see Myd flawlessly execute several goofy dance moves, all with a deadpan facial expression, the video as a whole scratching the same itches as internet or meme culture.

The video was filmed and LA, showcasing the stunning Californian city aesthetics we also see conveyed by artists like Oliver Tree and Hobo Johnson.

While it might seem as though Together We Stand was created in light of recent times, Myd wrote this track long before the COVID-19 pandemic and wanted to release a single which sets the tone for the rest of his ensuing album. As a result, you can be sure to expect a whole collection of ebullient bangers.

Myd has certainly not let quarantine damper his energy and has continued to communicate with fans via his daily live-stream: CoMyd-19. We are looking forward to a boogie with this contagious tune – it’s sure to become a dancefloor mainstay as soon as COVID-19 restrictions across the globe start to ease.


Together We Stand is out now via Ed Banger Records/Because Music/Caroline Australia.