Revealing the Sonic Tapestry: Myllo’s Curated Inspiration Track List

Prepare to be transported into the world of Myllo’s musical inspirations as he unveils the sonic tapestry that has shaped his artistic vision.

Introducing Myllo’s meticulously curated inspiration track list, an immersive exploration into the artistic tapestry that weaves through his latest single, “Dawn.” Hailing from Naarm, this enigmatic musician takes us on a captivating odyssey, revealing the profound influences that have shaped his musical vision.

From the raw vulnerability exuded by BANKS to the ethereal transcendence found in James Blake’s minimalistic approach, Myllo draws inspiration from artists who master the art of doing more with less. The hauntingly atmospheric allure and emotive depths of The Weeknd’s compositions resonate deeply within Myllo’s somber and vulnerable sound.


Guided by the introspective lyricism and fearless boundary-pushing of Frank Ocean, Myllo fearlessly embarks on his own artistic expedition, pushing the limits of creativity. The brooding soundscapes of Lorn’s “Acid Rain” have left an indelible mark on Myllo’s atmospheric production style, adding an extra layer of intrigue to his sonic landscape.

Join Myllo as he invites you to immerse yourself in his curated selection, unraveling the profound artistic processes that continue to inspire and shape his own musical journey.

BANKS – Better

I was really drawn to BANKS’ live version from Firefly festival in 2017. The vulnerability and strength in her voice is incredible, especially when the synths come in , the track enters its climax and she starts belting “I can love you better than she can”. There was a period where I was watching it on repeat because I thought it was so incredible. The super thick, rich synths in the intro of DAWN are 100 percent inspired by this. The vocals in the chorus of DAWN are also heavily inspired by ‘Better’ as I wanted to convey the same emotional energy that BANKS does in this song.

James Blake – Limit to your love

This was one of the first James Blake songs I ever heard, back when I was just starting to get into music. The track feels quite simple and bare yet the dramatic mood it creates grabbed my attention instantly; I love when artists can achieve more with less. From the moment I heard this track, James became a huge influence on my sound and vision. The space created with just his voice and piano leading into the chorus with that deep oscillating sub really puts you in a transcendent space and I’ve always aspired to try and create with this kind of space in mind. He’s one of the artists that helped shift my attention to more electronic-based production and opened my mind to what I thought was possible.

The Weeknd – the knowing

This is one of my all time favourite songs. The dark atmospheres and vocals behind The Weeknd have always been what draws me in, especially on ‘Trilogy’. My music is heavily influenced by his sombre, vulnerable and emotive expression and I’ve always been drawn to producing music in a similar vein. I love the way that the song seems to almost make time stop. There’s always a sense of danger, lust and sensuality to his music, and I’d love for there to be more representation of queer artists that explore these themes.

Frank Ocean – Pyramids

Frank is one of the few artists who has always had my attention from the very beginning. Before Channel Orange I was listening to a lot of ‘The Lonny Breaux Collection’ and ‘Nostalgia Ultra’. His voice and reflective song-writing drew me in at a time when I was only just learning to sing and his tone was something I really admired. When ‘Channel Orange’ was released it became possibly my favourite album; especially after he came out as queer and I felt like I could relate to another artists’ perspective on a personal level. There’s simply too many favourites to choose from but I think ‘Pyramids’ takes the cake. The themes, story-telling and production which revolves around a 10 minute/2 part song has inspired me to push my own boundaries of song structure and duration regardless of what might be suitable for radio.

Lorn – Acid Rain

When I started producing music I began drawing inspiration from witch house tracks I discovered on YouTube. I really love the haunting soundscapes and slow glitchy drums. When I came across Lorn’s ‘Acid Rain’, I instantly became connected to the elements that he drew from the genre and his cinematic compositions. The rich textures and synths took me to another place and inspired the direction of my own production style. I think DAWN showcases this inspiration quite well.