Premiere: Myllo revels in windblown bed sheets in new music video for ‘DAWN’

“To me it represents a sense of loneliness,” Naarm-based musician Myllo said of the new video for his latest single DAWN. 

Myllo has shared the official music video for his latest single DAWN. Equal parts brooding R&b and electro-pop, the single opens with distorted synths and echoey vocal adlibs, before a sultry trap beat makes way for Myllo’s enchanting vocals.

In between simmering percussive flairs and spacious production, the Naarm-based musician sings of an inescapable love that brings him to his knees.

Myllo new single 'DAWN'
Credit: Nynno Bel-Air

Perhaps the major drawcard of DAWN is its grandiose sense of atmosphere. With lingering instrumentation that resounds throughout every moment, Myllo creates an airy and palatial soundscape that only intensifies the silkiness of his vocals.

DAWN’s masterful cinematic quality is brought to life by Myllo’s storytelling, as the singer reflects on “why it’s so hard to leave” the track’s muse. 

Bringing diary-like lyricism to the fore, Myllo tells a tale of loneliness and desire that belies the single’s otherwise-sensual production.

For Myllo, the vulnerability of his penmanship was intentional, given his lived experience as a queer musician. “As gay men, we’re often dealing with trauma and sometimes this manifests itself in our relationships,” Myllo explains in a press statement. 

“There’s a sense of chronic escapism in our lifestyles as queer men which can create some paradoxical dynamics in terms of how we connect with one other; DAWN speaks to this.”

It’s the same kind of soul-bearing artistry that’s embedded into the work of Myllo’s R&b inspirations, with the musician crediting everyone from Frank Ocean to The Weeknd and James Blake as key influences. 

DAWN is accompanied by an official music video, which was filmed with drones in Melbourne’s Royal Park. Emulating the darkness of the single itself, DAWN’s music video is cloaked in the nocturnal haze of the moonlight, and sees Myllo draped in windblown bed sheets in front of a far-flung city skyline.

“It felt beautifully dramatic, wrapping myself in feather silk by myself in the middle of the grasslands with the city as a backdrop,” Myllo said.

“To me it represents a sense of loneliness or feeling alone in the sheets if you catch my drift.” DAWN follows the release of fellow single NO STOP SIGNS last year, with Myllo’s debut EP, titled Orbit, arriving in 2020.

Elsewhere, the singer teamed up with Danish producers Dark Eye for the single Hypnotica, and is set to release his sophomore EP later this year. 

Myllo new single 'DAWN'

In the meantime, you can catch the music video for DAWN above, and listen Myllo’s latest single on Spotify below.