Myxi Bun lists her favourite producers and their best releases

It’s been hard to forget about Myxi Bun ever since the release of her latest single Bitch, I need a holiday. 

Arriving on the scene with a fully realised persona and clear knack for stellar production, the Eora/Sydney musician feels like somewhat of an enigma, but her music nonetheless universal. 

She said what we were all thinking with the tropical house tunes of Bitch, I need a holiday, but like any great artist, she’s eager to give flowers to those who inspire her.

Myxi Bun 'Holiday'

Below, Myxi Bun lists off some of the fellow musicians she’s met and connected with, and shares some of their ultimate tracks. Catch Myxi Bun’s full list below, and scroll down to listen to her new single, Bitch, I need a holiday. 

I used to create visual art to cope with my brain/insanity/creativity but art has always been very isolating for me.

I still create all the song artworks and aesthetic that goes with Myxi Bun but since learning Ableton I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing humans who produce amazing music.

I’m going to list some of these incredible beings and the kind of sounds they create! Starting with some killer ladies – women are vastly underrepresented in the industry as music producers, and these ones are all awesome, they do all the cool things.


Me and Nikkita bonded over our pastel outfits and production woes, before she introduced me to open mic nights. She like myself sings, produces and writes her own music.

Her vocals never fail to blow me away! Her songwriting and production is sombre, yet uplifting; intimate, yet immense; weaving yet always finding its way to a catchy hook.

This amazing lady is originally from Whadjuk, Perth but we lucky AF to have her here in Eora, Sydney! She recently released her incredible single “Horizon” and has many more tracks looming on her horizon (permission to roll your eyes at my lameness). 



Jessica Fitzgibbon and I initially met at an Ableton live workshop then reconnected on open mic nights, both playing our original tracks for people for the first time.

She is an Eora, Sydney baby, talented singer, songwriter & producer. With her haunting voice and hypnotic melodies, she creates electronica/trip hop that explores themes that interweave the natural world and relationships.

She recently dropped her EP called ENIGMA – I absolutely love it and my fav is how killer her vocals and bassline are on Polarity.


Jessica Tassone and I floated together in our natural habitats at a Doof on the dancefloor. She is a staple in the Sydney underground scene and an Eora local.

This badass bitch DJs and produces, curating a selection of jazzy, groovy uplifting tracks combined with bass heavy and percussive rhythms.  She just dropped the EP “Our Time” before she abandons us all to live in UK. 

Chasing Shadows

Around a fire at a doof, I was munching on (and offering people, who constantly refused) giant marshmallows. That’s how I started chatting to Chasing Shadows!

I decided to explain to him in great detail my love of wounds and gore, for some reason he listened to my nonsense. From that moment forth we were rave buddies.

Chasing Shadows produces deep, dark, textured hypnotic techno. Many of his tracks are inspired by our nights out – but none inspired by my giant marshmallows…. He did though make a remix of my track “Give me Space”

He also released the EP “Transmute” in October this year. This sonic journey transports you to his intricate realms of dark industrial tones and soundscapes. 

Triple Trouble

I met singer-songwriter, Canesha, and guitarist and producer, Jack, at an Open Mic Nikkita introduced me to. They also introduced me to the third member of their band, their guitar.

They were so kind and welcoming, helping me mic check and get set up onstage, something I was terrified to do.

They create pop rock with catchy riffs, powerful vocals and driving rhythms, many of their songs about their enviable adorable love and relationship. Their song “Hijacked” is about the first time they met.

Adam Ahh

Adam Ahh was introduced to me by Nikkita and I have been lucky enough to also see him play live at open mic nights.

He produces lush, atmospheric and chaotic music channelling the state of being simultaneously at peace and at war with existence.

Based in Eora, Sydney and drawing from electronic, ambient and experimental noise sensibilities to help process his chronic illness.

He is always there to hug and tell you it’s going to be okay and then suggest you go flip that table over. This curation forced him to upload one of his tracks onto SoundCloud, so you’re lucky and welcome world!

Space Cop 2

Space Cop 2 and I were brought together by gravity, on Earth, where we both sadly currently reside.

He though is producer based in outer space and brings you music from the future and also from the past, but never from the present because time is an illusion.

I’ve designated his EP, ‘The Future of Music,’ as my soundtrack for my spaceship when the world is inevitably taken over by AI. 

Photos by Michael Muir.