NAIDOC Week: Baker Boy, Sycco, and more team up for TikTok festival

“Always Was, Always Will Be.” A number of live performances, history, and art will be showcased this NAIDOC Week 2020 to elevate and celebrate Australia’s First Nations people.

NAIDOC Week 2020 is finally here! In celebration, TikTok Australia are hosting daily live sets featuring some of our country’s amazing First Nations artists.

Baker Boy will be headlining the event from 8pm tomorrow, with the incredible Kee’ahn, Sycco, and Mitch Tambo set to appear later in the week.

naidoc week

Launched last night (November 9) with a stellar performance from J-MILLA, TikTok’s NAIDOC celebrations aims to showcase the incredible talent of Australia’s First Nations artists. Headliner Baker Boy will be joining the festivities fresh off the release of his latest single Better Days, featuring Dallas Woods and Sampa The Great.

Punters can expect more stellar performances from Unearthed Artist of the Year nominee Sycco, with her 2020 hits Nicotine and Dribble, soul artist and Archie Roach Foundation Award recipient Kee’ahn, and the incredible Mitch Tambo, fresh off his involvement in the Deadly Hearts – Walking Together compilation. Each artist will perform at 8pm (AEDT) each night of the week, check out the full setlist below.

TikTok will be extending their celebrations to a number of other artistic fields as well, shining a spotlight on some key First Nations creatives across their platform. Dancer @katerinaleeroe, makeup artist @sari_ella_thaiday, comedian @balaclint, and @kookingwithakoori will be among those featured throughout the week.

“I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d have TikTok actually messaging me saying hey, wanna do something for us?” @kookingwithakoori told NITV News.

“I’m like, hang on. Is this legit? Like is someone having a go, or what? The police call it stalking, I call it modern-day blacktracking – so I did my research and did my background checks, and I went ‘this is for real!'” 

“Always Was, Always Will Be” was chosen as the theme for NAIDOC Week 2020, recognising First Nations people as the traditional custodians of the Australian continent for over  65,000 years. A number of events have been hosted across the country in celebration, including an official renaming of the iconic Parkes Radio Telescope (now Murriyang) to pay respects to the land’s first astronomers: the Wiradjuri people.

Make sure to tune in to TikTok’s festival below:

NAIDOC Week TikTok Setlist

Kee’ahn – Tuesday November 10, 8pm (AEDT)

Baker Boy – Wednesday November 11, 8pm (AEDT)

Sycco – Thursday November 12, 8pm (AEDT)

Mitch Tambo – Friday November 13, 8pm (AEDT)