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Nandi Bushell takes on a Red Hot Chili Peppers classic in her latest video

Musical prodigy, 10-year old Nandi Bushell mesmerises with her epic cover of ‘Under the Bridge’, with Flea’s approval.

At the ripe age of 10, Nandi Bushell already sounds like a pro when it comes to playing, looping and arranging covers of songs that are ingrained within music’s hall of fame. Her latest video is no exception. 

Starting with the track’s famous guitar intro, she ventures onto bass, drums, then jams out as she loops them together using the BOSS 505 looper pedal. This wunderkind’s impressive rendition has dazzled audiences around the world, including a shout out from Flea, founding member and bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

She says, This is one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite bands.”

Nandi Bushell

Bushell is no stranger, however, to attention from rock and roll icons, after she impressively challenged Dave Grohl to a drumming duel and won!

At just 10 years old Nandi Bushell is already a viral sensation with 263,000 subscribers on YouTube, has experienced jamming out with Lenny Kravitz at the O2 Arena in London, made an appearance on The Ellen Show and has an extraordinary portfolio of other famous song covers including a raging drum set in ‘My Generation’ by The Who, and a sophisticated performance of ‘The Immigrant Song’ by Led Zeppelin.  

It’s clear that Bushell captivates fans as she continues to show off a great deal of amazing talent that precedes her years and inspires a new generation of budding musicians.