Unleashing the raw power of Punk: Nasty Party’s latest single “Monochromatic TV”

With their latest single ‘Monochromatic TV’, Nasty Party once again proves that their blend of punk and new wave is as powerful as ever.

Nasty Party is a punk/new wave group formed in 2019, known for their passionate, political lyrics and high-energy live performances led by Nasty Simon and Rhys Nasty. They’re a force to be reckoned with, and not to be missed.

Their raw and unapologetic sound is back in full force with their latest release, Monochromatic TV, with infectious hooks, this guitar-driven punk gem, is a socially and politically charged track built on old-school foundations with just the right amount of polished new wave production. 

nasty party

Nasty Party found creative inspiration in an unlikely setting – a secluded river near Oberon. The emotionally charged and abrasive sound they’re known for was born there, away from the city and in the midst of nature with nothing but mother nature and a bevvy of beers.

In this very unpunk-like setting the duo created a very punk-like single laced with lyrics that bring to light themes relevant to today’s world from progressive politics to the changing fabric of society.

The band pulls no punches in this searing indictment of the Berejiklian government’s decimation of Sydney’s nightlife. With fiery guitar riffs and vibey as hell vocal delivery, Monochromatic TV is a powerful call to arms for those who refuse to stand idly by while those in power run roughshod over their communities.

With members based in both Sydney and London, distance is no barrier to the dual songwriting and guitar attack of Simon and Rhys.  The band’s sound is a melting pot of eclectic influences, ranging from the melodic sensibilities of The Buzzcocks and The Cure to the raw, bratty punk energy of Sex Pistols, The Jam, The Voidoids, and The Ramones. But that’s not all – Nasty Party also channels the Antipodean guitar assault of The Angels and AC/DC and the subversive angularity of Wire and Gang Of Four.

The result is a sound that’s both familiar and wholly original, blending the best elements of classic punk and new wave with a modern sensibility that speaks to the current state of the world. With their self-produced tunes, Nasty Party has created something that’s truly their own, a sound that’s hard to pin down but impossible to ignore, proving that they’re a force to be reckoned with in the world of punk rock.

But what’s perhaps most impressive about Nasty Party is their DIY ethos.  With a fiercely independent spirit, they have taken on every aspect of their craft – from creating the music itself to crafting their own photos and artwork.

And it’s not just talk – they walk the walk as well. Their latest track was recorded, played, mixed, and produced entirely within the cozy confines of Simon’s bedroom studio in Inner West Sydney. And when it came time for mastering, they turned to none other than Tim Debney, a legendary figure whose work with the Buzzcocks speaks for itself.

With their latest single release, Monochromatic TV, Nasty Party shows that they’re a band to watch, one that’s not afraid to take risks and push boundaries in pursuit of their singular vision, making Nasty Party a true underground gem in a world where authenticity is hard to come by.