Nate Brazier delivers game changing EP ‘Nothing Sacred’

Nate Brazier unveils ‘Nothing Sacred’: A sonic odyssey blending youthful complexity and raw authenticity.

South London’s prodigious artist/producer, Nate Brazier, drops his game-changing sophomore EP ‘Nothing Sacred’ via Parlophone. In an arresting performance video for the standout track ‘Putting On Airs’, directed by Sarah E, Nate lays bare his contemplative side.

Reflecting on the track, Nate divulges, “’Putting On Airs’ began as a freestyle, a critique of consumerism and the facades we’re compelled to flaunt. The track’s co-producer Tev’n transformed it into an off-kilter symphony.”

At just 20, ‘Nothing Sacred’ marks Nate Brazier’s quest for authenticity and uniqueness, crafting a musical narrative that’s exclusively his. The EP showcases his maturity beyond his years, evidenced in tracks like ‘Teasing The Thread’ and ‘Episode’, which delve into themes of faith and reverence. Collaborations with Maverick Sabre and Tev’n inject soulful complexity, critically examining societal norms, family, and culture.

Nate’s alt-R&B prowess breathes new life into the genre, infusing it with vibrant hues of experimental pop and hip-hop. His sonic palette draws from electronic music heritage while reflecting formative experiences—late-night wanderings, car-bound music sessions, and hometown camaraderie.

In February, Nate set his creative tone with the debut project ‘YSK’, complete with a 6-track visual EP that unveils his nocturnal realm. His affinity for the club scene surfaces with a remix package, featuring p-rallel, Mac Wetha, and Ahadadream.

To celebrate the EP’s launch, Nate announces his inaugural headline show at London’s The Pickle Factory on October 17. Head here for pre-sale ticket access, and mark your calendars—general release tickets drop on Thursday, August 17. Experience the evolution of sound with Nate Brazier, where the sacred meets the sensational.