Neumann announces the NDH 30 open-back studio headphone

Neumann announces the NDH 30 open-back studio headphone

Neumann made quite the splash with its NDH 20 closed-back cans. Now they’ve doubled down with a pair of open-back headphones: NDH 30.

Neumann forged its unsurpassed reputation for quality on the back of some legendary microphones. The company also received rave reviews for the NDH 20: its debut set of headphones. With the new NDH 30, Neumann has upped the ante yet again.

NDH 30 is an open-back model — which is widely accepted as the reference configuration for analytical listening tasks like mixing and mastering. With this new pair of cans, Neumann aims to bring the precision of its monitors to a portable package.

Neumann NDH 30

In fact, “precision” is the watchword of the NDH 30. Neumann explains that the new model’s construction is similar to that of the NDH 20, but goes on to point out that the open-back design “…allows their highly refined sound characteristics to unfold optimally: extremely fast transient response, dry bass, uncoloured mids and transparent highs. In other words, the NDH 30 has no sound colouration, but reproduces the signal 1:1.”

If you’re on the hunt for headphones to give you that hyped, “in the club” bottom-end — or the sugar hit of super-sparkly tops — you’ll need to look elsewhere. The NDH 30 is unabashedly professional and squarely aimed at engineers who need an uncompromised platform for decision making in the mix.

There’s no information on shipping at the time of writing, but you can expect to pay around $1,300 AUD when they arrive in Australia.

Visit Neumann for more details.