Neunaber unveils a trio of ethereal effects with the Elements Series

Neunaber has launched three updated stompboxes: the Element Series. Perfect for creating guitar-based soundscapes that are rich in ambience.

Neunaber has launched the Element series of stompboxes, comprising of three guitar reverb and delay effect pedals. Neunaber specialises in guitar pedals and plugins, with some of these latest effect pedals building from previous models. 

Wet Reverb V5, Echelon Echo V2 and Seraphim Shimmer V2 all share a similar aesthetic and each has a simple 3-knob layout for quick adjustments. Other features shared between the three pedals are an analog dry signal and a selectable trail so you can either trail naturally or cut off abruptly.

Neunaber Element Series Element Series stompboxes

The Wet Reverb V5 is an updated version of Neunaber’s classic Wet Reverb pedal. This latest version has two effects in a single pedal, letting you choose between Wet Reverb or the haunting Immerse Mk II. There is a knob for adjusting the wetness level, ranging from 0 – 100%.

Echelon Echo V2 is a rich, studio quality echo pedal that also contains two effects in a single pedal. There’s Hi-Fi Tape Echo that emulates the warm high-frequency sounds of magnetic tape. The second effect is Lo-Fi Delay inspired by the reduced bit depth of vintage digital delay. Aside from the knob switch, tempo can also be controlled manually using tap tempo mode.

The Seraphim Shimmer V2 creates synth-like modulation pads. It also has a Wet Reverb effect, meaning you can alternate between the two. The shimmer effect allows you to create an enormously diverse scope of sounds, from subtle sparkling sounds to epic drones.

To check out any of these pedals, go to the Neunaber Audio website.

Element Series stompboxes