CDJ-3000: Pioneer launches a new flagship DJ multi player

Pioneer announces the CDJ-3000, their state-of-the-art and aesthetically striking professional DJ multi player.

Pioneer has released the CDJ-3000, the latest version of its gold-standard DJ multi player. Pioneer’s DJ equipment has been adopted widely across the industry by DJs and clubs alike due to the unmatched robustness of their turntables and mixers. 

The CDJ-3000 is the first Pioneer CDJ to feature a touch screen, an exciting development that makes browsing options easier. The size, brightness and resolution of the screen have increased so there is more space for track information, waveform analysis and more.

Pioneer CDJ-3000 DJ multi player

Another first featured on the CDJ-3000 is an MPU (micro-processing unit), offering greater processing power for loading tracks faster, which also enables a host of other new features. It also means that the current model can potentially be updated in the future.

Pioneer boasts that the updated jog wheel is the smoothest they’ve ever made. There’s reduced touch latency and an LCD screen that displays the artwork of the loaded tracks. The CDJ-3000 is also designed to be used in tandem with Rekordbox, Pioneer’s DJ software.

Hot cue options have been totally redesigned so that now there are 8 buttons that sit in a linear position below the waveform. This is aimed to make selecting cue options within a track more intuitive.

For more details on CDJ-3000, head over to the Pioneer website.