Neuromantics deliver nostalgic indie-rock romance on Clarity

Four-piece alt-rock band from London, Neuromantics, have an enchanting and distinctive alt-rock sound which fuses pensive lyricism with heartfelt vocals, alluring hooks, and hard-hitting rhythms.

Originally hailing from various corners of the globe, they were brought together by a myriad of interlinked events which lead to their serendipitous convergence as Neuromantics.

London four-piece Neuromantics live up to their name with their romantic and nostalgic feel-good single Clarity, off their forthcoming album Crimes of Passion.

Neuromantic’s third single Clarity is a dreamy concoction of intricately woven guitar melodies, feel-good melodic vocal layers, catchy lyrics, smooth reverberating bass, and groovy drum lines.

This dynamic and memorable tune will take you straight back to the early 2000s. It’s soaked in a kind of wistful nostalgia, the kind that makes you want to scribble love hearts in your journal.

According to Frontman Daniel Pye “Clarity encourages a path centred on facing your fears and inner demons, exploring and making the most of the opportunities that come along in life, and having the strength to engage in the life for you, not society’s expectations of who or what you should be”.

The music video that accompanies the track follows the evenings of two strangers, as their respective evenings slowly turn sour and they happen to cross paths. When they touch, a sequence of a possible alternate life together flashes before their eyes, seeing a potential future between them, as Pye sings “I want to run away with you.”

Clarity is one of a string of singles the band will release in support of their upcoming debut album Crimes of Passion. It was recorded at Puzzle Factory Sound Studios with producer Dax Liniere and mastered by Sean Diggins.

If Clarity is anything to go by, Crimes of Passion is sure to put Neuromantics on the map this year, as they take their captivating live show through more renowned London venues, and hopefully abroad. Til then, do yourself a favour and check out their gorgeous new single above.