Four Aussie bands that we are digging right now

Dive into some new Aussie music this week courtesy of  Radio Free Alice, The Sooks, The Moving Stills, and Sunsick Daisy

Dive straight into the Aussie music scene with four must-listen bands this week. From Radio Free Alice, one of Australia’s most exciting young bands, to the four-piece crew from Western Sydney, The Sooks, who showcase their sun-soaked surf-rock vibes in ‘Never Gonna Go’ .

To the Central Coast of NSW, The Moving Stills bring a dose of unpretentious charm to indie pop, and Kaurna’s Sunsick Daisy known best for their for reverb-soaked tunes. Settle in and enjoy the fresh sounds that Australia has to offer.

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Credit: Jack Moran

Radio Free Alice

One night in Sydney last week, The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s frontman, Anton Newcombe, left a lasting impression on Radio Free Alice’s band members with his parting words: “I can’t eat you, I can’t fuck you, so why the fuck would I come?” Hobbled over with tequila in hand after finishing their set at Newtown’s The Duke, Newcombe praised the band during their Sydney residency.

The chance encounter occurred as BJM played at a nearby venue. Despite the rejection of an invitation to their late set, Newcombe’s dry wit only added to the mystique surrounding him.

This interaction encapsulates the allure of Melbourne’s Radio Free Alice, a dynamic 5-piece at the forefront of a new wave of high-energy guitar rock.

As they gear up for the release of their self-titled debut EP on November 22, the 4-track compilation showcases the culmination of their year’s work, featuring hook-laden, up-tempo post-punk singles like ‘I Gotta (Fall In Love)’, ‘Look What You’ve Done’, ‘Paris Is Gone’, and the newest offering, ‘Waste Of Space’.

The EP solidifies Radio Free Alice’s status as one of Australia’s most exciting young bands.


The Sooks

Basking in the sun-soaked vibes of Western Sydney, The Sooks roll out their latest tune, ‘Never Gonna Go.’

This four-piece crew has teamed up with the wizard behind the boards, Jack Nigro, known for his work with Aussie heavyweights like Rum Jungle, DMAs, and Pacific Avenue.

The result? A feel-good, surf-rock gem that’s as easygoing as a lazy day at the beach.

From the first strum, Nigro’s unmistakable touch is all over this track, weaving in that fuzzy, sun-soaked surf-rock goodness that he’s become known for.

If The Sooks goal was to make a chorus that sticks to your brain like sand on sun-kissed skin, then they nailed it.

This song is about a girl I saw at the beach a few months back. I was with some mates at the beach and I saw this really pretty girl. I didn’t have a guitar or anything but the song just seemed to write itself in my head. Naturally it has a really surf-rock, summer-pop kinda vibe, a contagious chorus that anyone can sing along to and a groovy riff. The first time we played the song at a show, the crowd was already singing along to the chorus by the end which is something we tried to go for. We really like the sing-alongy vibe of the chorus.” Keenan Fitzsimons

The theme is simple, sure. But that’s the beauty of it. The track’s all about massive singalong melodies and a production so bright it’s practically sunscreen for your ears.

The Moving Stills

The Moving Stills new release

Hailing from the Central Coast of NSW, The Moving Stills bring an unpretentious charm to indie pop. Their sophomore album, ‘Wabi Sabi,’ reflects on personal and touring experiences, co-produced with Izaac Wilson.

The album swings from upbeat celebrations of love, like “Drive Home” and “Best Friend,” to groove-based tracks such as “In Your City” and the title track.

Chronicling life on the road, “In Your City” reminisces about late-night drives and gigs.

Beyond the music, The Moving Stills unexpectedly went viral on TikTok in Feb 2022 with their cover of Tears For Fears’ ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World.’

Their down-to-earth energy extends to triple j’s Like A Version, where they covered Ladyhawke’s ‘My Delirium.’

“We wanted to keep the honesty there on this album, and write about our experiences and so we’ve been very open in expressing our feelings in these songs.”

Speaking about their debut album, the band shared, “We wanted to introduce new feelings and vibes, to those on our first record Sunshine Corner. Whilst maintaining a lot of the key elements of our previous tunes, we delved into making a spread of new flavours. With songs like “Drive Home”, “In Your City” and the title-track “Wabi Sabi”, we leaned into a more groove based feel. Songs that you can immediately vibe out to. On the other hand, we had songs like “Volcano” and “Best Friend”, which showcases a more upbeat side to our sound. Definitely works well at gigs and on the dancefloor.”

With sold-out shows and festival appearances, The Moving Stills announce a Jan/Feb 2024 tour, inviting fans to connect with their grounded yet groovy indie pop sound.


Sunsick Daisy

Happy Mag's Staff Picks Sunsick Daisy best aussie bands
Credit: Credit: Evie Wonder

Kaurna/Adelaide indie pop/rock outfit Sunsick Daisy drops their highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Breathe In… Breathe Out,’ after turning heads with reverb-soaked singles like ‘Someone Like You,’ landing them in the triple J Unearthed High finalist lineup. Lead single ‘Underwater’ sets the tone for this dreamy collection.

Against a backdrop of shoegaze-inspired melancholy, Sunsick Daisy lays bare their vulnerabilities, addressing mental health battles and insecurities.

Their unique brand of celestial dream pop serves as a conduit for collective resilience. Vocalist Sarah elaborates, “Breathe In… Breathe Out” delves into themes of love, loss, self-doubt, and navigating mental health struggles, shaped during a break from intense gigging and reflection on their Triple J Unearthed High finalist status.

Recorded at the House of SAP with producer Jarred Nettle (Teenage Joans, TOWNS), ‘Breathe In… Breathe Out’ concludes a remarkable year for Sunsick Daisy, who honed their skills on stage alongside Ball Park Music, The Buoys, and Stellie.

“We recorded all 5 songs in a week and our time in the studio was fast paced and exciting, fueled by lots of McMuffins. We had challenges trying to recapture the songs’ live energy and with technical issues we were forced to re-record the guitars outside of the studio,” says Sarah.

From the ethereal swells of ‘I’m Coming Home’ to the intricate guitar work in recent single ‘Underwater,’ Sunsick Daisy showcases a musical maturity beyond their years.

The delicate build of ‘Faith’ and the infectious chorus of ‘Away From Me’ further highlight their impressive musicianship.

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