New book documents David Bowie on the Ziggy Stardust world tour

A new Taschen book has been released, compiling photographs of the 1972-73 Ziggy Stardust world tour that were taken by David Bowie’s official photographer Mick Rock.

The book titled The Rise of Bowie includes a range of snaps, from candid backstage and rehearsal shots to stunning staged portraits, throughout the Stardust phase of Bowie’s life and career.

david bowie ziggy stardust mick rock
All photos: Mick Rock / Tachen

David Bowie was captured by photographer Mick Rock on the 1972-73 Ziggy Stardust world tour. Now the public gets to see the year that was.

Bowie gave Rock permission to publish the photos back in 2015 and work on the book began immediately after. Tachen has released a statement, saying that the publication illustrates “the musical, theatrical, and sexual revolution of the groundbreaking record,” and presents a “celebration of a fearless, transformative, and eternally inspiring artist.”

The work was edited by Barney Hoskyns and Michael Bracewell and was released to the public yesterday.

The photographer Mick Rock was described by British Vogue to have “bore more intimate witness to Bowie the Man than perhaps any other living lensman,” and his portfolio of photographs features even more industry legends including Bob Marley, Blondie, Freddie Mercury and Madonna.

david bowie ziggy stardust mick rock

david bowie ziggy stardust mick rock

More unseen photos of Bowie were released last year by photographer to the stars Marcus Klinko taken for Bowie’s Heathen album back in 2002.