New Trump campaign logo accused of being a Nazi symbol rip-off

And now, in the latest unbelievable Donald Trump news, the president’s re-election campaign has adopted a logo which looks an awful lot like the Nazi symbol used by Adolf Hitler and a number of modern white supremacist groups.

The “America First” logo is presented on campaign t-shirts on Trump’s website, displaying an eagle clutching a circle which contains the American flag. The original Nazi logo was almost identical, with the only obvious exception being a Swastika rather than the U.S. flag.

trump campaign nazi symbol

Donald Trump’s latest re-election campaign t-shirts feature an eagle logo almost identical to the Nazi symbol used by Adolf Hitler.

Following the t-shirt’s release, Twitter was sent into a frenzy, with users creating side-by-side comparisons of each logo, which has been deemed a “hate symbol”. And of course, the resemblance is uncanny.

This isn’t the first time that Trump has been accused of adopting Nazi symbols and ideology into his campaign. In fact, his slogan “America First” was first utilised as propaganda by the American Nazi Party. In addition, Facebook recently removed several Trump campaign ads on account that they included images of an upside-down triangle. This is widely known as a symbol the Nazis used for political prisoners.

Of course, the Trump campaign’s response is as equally disturbing as their choice to use the symbol in the first place. Taking to Twitter, it was suggested that Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, is a “secret Nazi.”

While Trump supporters argue that the eagle has always been a symbol of American patriotism rather than racism, its use by white supremacists extends far beyond the years of Hitler. According to the ADL, modern neo-Nazis and other white supremacists groups are widely known to adopt the eagle logo clutching symbols of hate.

It seems as though Trump isn’t even trying to hide his racism anymore. God help America.