Karen from Brighton gets demolished by internet

In the last month or so, Karens have been on the staunch, threatening guns on Black Lives Matter protestors, and shunning the use of  “Karen” as a racial slur. Both times the white, middle-class, minion-loving women, were absolutely torn to shreds by the internet.

There are only a few certainties in this world: death, taxes and when Karen strikes, TikTokers come back harder. The latest Karen sighting on Australia’s 9news is no exception.

Karen from Brighton has become TikTok’s latest meme after telling 9news she should be allowed to walk around the city’s Royal Botanical Gardens, complaining “I’ve done all of Brighton.”

While the rest of us are staying home, social distancing and wearing masks, one rebel, a certain Jodi Grollo from Brighton, has decided “nah, I reckon I’ll just take a stroll around the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens instead”. I don’t know if she expected the camera crew there, but she didn’t seem too phased when she was asked by Australia’s 9news why she had decided to walk outside of her suburb, against health advice of authorities admits the coronavirus pandemic.

“Well, you get sick of walking the same streets,” she declared, in her Northface windbreaker. Next, she said the words that would go onto make health authorities rethink their entire stance on COVID lockdown restrictions and rock the modern world: “I’ve done all of Brighton.” 

Karen’s unapologetic defiance of the lockdown laws simply because of her boredom has since struck a chord with memers across TikTok and, naturally, has become the face of the Karen cult, being absolutely slammed online.

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The absurdity of Karen’s remarks have made it into the press conference of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrew’s press conference on Sunday, where he made a subtle dig at the Melbourne woman.

“I’ve got a very clear message to every single Victorian, particularly some of those featured in social media: whether you’re in Broadmeadows or Brighton, stay at home means stay at home,” he said.

“And if walking your local streets is boring, well, being bored is much better than being in intensive care. That’s my clear message.”