Nicki Minaj says newer female artists haven’t experienced hate like her

During a controversial live stream, Nicki Minaj stated that newer women in the industry haven’t “experienced hate the way I have.”

Over the weekend, hip hop Queen Nicki Minaj had an Instagram live session with her Blick Blick collaborator, Coi Leray, during which she made some controversial remarks.

“Can you girls stop talking about hate?…y’all have never experienced hate the way I have experienced.”

Credit: USA Today

This was in response to Los-Angeles based singer-songwriter, Coi Leray’s recount of  “grinding through the hate,” which was abruptly intercepted by the global hip hop star.

Nicki said: “What y’all have experienced is nothing. Y’all have just experienced some of the growing pains of artistry and social media. Y’all be thinking y’all have experienced hate, and trust me, you ain’t experienced it yet.”

Nicki Minaj hate
Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images

She went on to say, “a lot of y’all have gotten really, not coddled, but people have been nice. People have been gentle with y’all.”

After the live stream video was uploaded to Twitter by a third party, fans expressed divided opinions in the comments. However, despite expected disagreements, many were in support of Nicki Minaj, including fellow collaborator, Coi Leray herself.

“Y’all too emotional .. Nicki been through a lot !!! she still standing strong, still dropping hits,” Leray wrote on Twitter. “She basically told me don’t let y’all wack ass comments and negative energy stop me now because MORE MONEY AND SUCCESS More problems so THUG THAT SHIT OUT !”

After video responses began to swell, Leray continued her thoughts in a follow-up post that stated, “Nicki don’t offend me. I grew up on tough love. When someone is speaking who has more experience, always listen.”

She added, “that’s the problem y’all talk to damn much. Regardless of what she saying she coming from a good place.”

Despite Nicki’s controversial statements, there appears to be no bad blood between her and Coi Leray. On Friday, the pair released their first collaborative single, Blick Blick (with Nicki Minaj), along with a captivating music video.

Watch it below.