Dancing is back: NSW COVID restrictions are easing tomorrow

Premier Dominic Perrottet has just announced new COVID rules for NSW and we’re stoked we can finally dance again.

As of tomorrow, the use of masks and QR codes will be scaled back and, the most exciting part, singing and dancing will be allowed at all hospitality venues!

According to Perrottet, QR codes will only be required for nightclubs and festivals and all density limits will be lifted.

Credit: NCA NewsWire/ Flavio Brancaleone

As for whether or not we will still need to wear our trendy little masks everywhere we go, new rules will be in place as of next Friday, February 25.

You won’t need to wear a mask in all indoor settings anymore, only in places like public transport, hospitals and aged care facilities.

Venue owners are still welcome to implement mandatory mask rules if they so wish and wearing a mask is definitely still being strongly encouraged while indoors.

Perrottet said he is working to get more employees back in the office as well and credited “the efforts people have made across the state” for the ability to adjust the restrictions

“These changes are measured and proportionate to the circumstances we find ourselves in and are particularly due can I say to the efforts of everybody across our state,” Perrottet said.

“Can I say where we were sitting when we brought out those scenarios in our health system and the capacity within our health system, we are tracking incredibly well.”

Meanwhile, Kerry Chant, the NSW chief of health says infection rates will rise again: “There will likely be further wave of COVID as vaccine and infection-derived immunity wanes,”

“We need to be clear about this. Even in the context of no new variants emerging, we can expect further waves.

“At the moment, we’ve seen a stabilisation of numbers with slowly declining hospital and ICU admissions.”