There’s a documentary coming out exploring Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans controversy

The new ABC News documentary OnlyFans: $elling Sexy delves into the platform’s raging success, the controversy, as well as the media storm centring Bella Thorne’s presence on the subscription service.

The new OnlyFans documentary that premiered on Hulu this month (February 10) “examines the profit-making world of the sex worker-led subscription site.” One of the platform’s most notorious moments since its 2016 inception came after Bella Thorne was accused of “ruining OnlyFans” for sex workers.

According to reports, the actress “allegedly “scammed” people by promising a nude photo that never materialised.” The Disney star broke records by attaining $1 million in her first 24 hours on the service.

Bella Thorne
Photo: Paper Magazine

In one of the trailers for OnlyFans: $elling Sexy, sex educator Shan Boodram comments on Bella Thorne’s success/“invasion” on the platform by saying: “By then there was a not-so great side to this story.”

“It wasn’t just about normalizing sex work and creating more eyeballs and attention for OnlyFans, it was also just about elitism that can exist, because here comes a celebrity who doesn’t work in the industry, who hasn’t, you know, cut her teeth and put in the time and hours, and yet they’re able to make money and take attention away from workers who have put that groundwork in.

An OnlyFans creator (Wynter Mosley) said in the same trailer: “This one person with so much influence just kind of messed it up.


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You either love me, or you hate me,” says Bella Thorne in a clip from the new documentary.

You can stream OnlyFans: $elling Sexy on Hulu.